When you are reading this, I have probably edited/rewritten this article about 10 times. Probably it was ready in days and I was afraid to publish it, or the anxiety of publishing was very painful. Sorry for the delay, even though I didn't tell anyone who was writing this.

If you are a productive guy, you probably don't know what this is. If you're like me, you probably suffer from it at least once a day.

If you still don't know what I'm talking about, this beautiful name I made up for this article is what I usually call:

think of all possible scenarios and take no action for fear, anxiety or wanting to do everything at the same time and end up doing nothing.

It feels like having a lot of options to choose from, each one taking you on an unknown path while having a gun aimed at your head. Most of the time we still choose the wrong ones because we are overwhelmed by this feeling of euphoria, anxiety and constant fear about what others will think.

I suffer from anxiety, this is a constant in my life. I suffer from a young age. If you look at my nails, you can see part of the reflection this has on me. It is as if my brain gives priority to my fears and desires rather than my most urgent responsibilities and tasks.

Long term plans? A torture. Making important decisions that have a big impact? It's like shooting at my foot. Expecting something or someone? It’s like dying from inside out.

I remember 10 years ago when I was only a beginner and enthusiast of this world of web development where there weren't many options to develop for the web. The most common options were PHP, Java and Adobe Flash. It was as if the web were a diamond but still in it’s raw form. The feeling of euphoria did not exist, at least not with me.

Today, among so many libraries, architectures, frameworks and languages, it is very difficult to start any project if you don’t have a very clear path or goal. I suffered a lot from it, a lot because I always wanted to use the best and trending tools, but I didn't know how to differentiate “trends” from “best tools” for work.

But I just want to start!

That's what I said to myself after dying surrounded by so many options. It looked like those movie scenes when the writer is out of ideas, he starts writing and then erases everything. What to do?

Done is better than perfect.
- Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO)

As simple and stupid as that sounds, this was a bizarre adaptation process that I had to go through. A mental re-education of how I saw all my tasks. And it has worked!

With each new project, I try my best to select the best tools, and I force myself to continue with them regardless of whether a new trend is emerging. I do this until the project is delivered or when a real need arises to rethink the architecture.

I also accept the fact that results doesn't have to be perfect, it needs to be functional and deliver what is expected. I know it hurts, but even Steve Jobs himself got a "no" once in a while.

Lastly, don't try to embrace the world alone, especially if you are working with other people. It is already proven that our brain is not multi-threaded. Trying to do everything at the same time leads to mental overload and fatigue, which does not allow us to conclude anything.

Accept this advice from a totally anxious and dispersed person. Start doing, do more, be simpler and prioritize results.

And if you have a story to share or some technique for working on these issues, comment down here, I'll love to read and learn from you. You are not alone.